Monday, April 26, 2010

From Me, to You

As some of you might already be well aware, my friend Frank honored me with a "From Me to You" award on his blog back towards the end of March. Since I just saw Frank's post this evening, I'm a little belated in getting a response posted.

The task as I understand it, is to deliver to you my patient reader a list of seven truths of an astounding, scandalous, and deeply personal nature. And if one is a rather dull, aging computer programmer with a bent for philosophical theology, one is at the very least to post a few tidbits that aren't likely to bore the reader, whose life is invariably far more interesting that one's own. Once this is accomplished, the award is to be passed to seven more bloggers who will in turn spin up even more truths for the blogosphere's enrichment. So here goes:

1. My wife had a print of the attached image (a Picasso) in her home growing up. While not technically a truth about me, it is nonetheless interesting.

2. I am rapidly approaching my 16th wedding anniversary, and no it doesn't seem that long at all. In fact it is incredibly sobering to think that I'm not somewhere around 16 or 17 years old still. Amazing that the aging process marches our bodies down a steady path, yet our minds remain to some extent youthful and timeless...or in my case, immature.

3. I once walked a number of blocks of Hollywood Boulevard dressed as an ant. Yes there is a story...perhaps I'll tell you someday.

4. One of my "bucket list" items is to develop my skills in stalking, camouflage, and invisibility to the point where I can approach and touch animals in the wild. This has everything to do with personal challenge, and nothing at all to do with picking dangerous animals. The prey animals (deer, rabbit, squirrel, etc.) tend to be hyper-vigilant and aware, and thus make a good high-water-mark for these skills.

5. I am the oldest child and oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. My parents are both the oldest children. I'm not sure whether this is an advantage or disadvantage, really, but it is my place in life and within my family.

6. I am the fourth generation of Southerland men to have served as a professional Christian minister. That said, I find my faith is currently in a state of flux, and I am loathe to answer the question, "What do you believe?"

7. If I had the freedom to every day pursue any activity I wished, I would have a very difficult time choosing between all my interests. At the moment I have a number of books and articles I'd like to write, both fiction and nonfiction. There's at least one play I started writing and would like the chance to finish. I have a number of songs I've written and would like to record and perhaps sell to an artist. I would love to spend more time developing my musical talent via trumpet, guitar and voice. I have acted in dramas in the past and would welcome the opportunity to take the stage again. Then there is my love and growing involvement in primitive skills and wilderness survival, that could take me on a months - if not years- long trek into the wild areas of our continent and a radically different lifestyle of adventure. And if money were no object, I'd buy a submarine.

8. Since number 1 was arguably not a truth about myself, consider this a bonus to make up for it. Despite being a generally outgoing person, I have relatively few good friends. I get along with and enjoy the company of many fine people, yet there are only a handful of individuals that I can consider true, deep friends. There are perhaps a number of reasons for this. Most notably, I tend to divide my time between work and home, and there are few hours left at the end of the day and week for developing friendships. While I am friendly with many people, there are very few people whom I have found accepting enough to love me as I am without reservation. To those cherished friends I offer my sincere thanks for sharing my life.

Now the hard part...7 people to carry the torch...Problem is, I don't follow that many blogs...
1. I, too, will drop the gauntlet at Manda's feet over at About the Journey. Maybe if enough of us do this she'll write again in 2010.
2. And seriously...that's all I have...I'm open to suggestions


Mark said...

I think you should start a "seven lies about me" chain. That could be a LOT more interesting.

Nathan Southerland said...

That has infinitely more possibilities...muahhahaha ;->