Sunday, November 12, 2006

Walk Humbly with Your God...

There's nothing quite like having your sorry, whining butt humbled. No sooner had I sent my previous post, than I was contacted by a recruiter I had worked with before about a new position. "In fact, he said, they want to do a phone interview this afternoon." (That's Monday, Oct. 30 for those of you who are tracking things on the score pad.)

And so, I had a phone interview. It went well. In fact, it went really well. It ended with the programmer who was interviewing me saying he would contact the higher-ups to arrange a face-to-face interview the next day.

I thought to myself, "Cool."

The next morning, my recruiter friend called me back and said, "They want you to start on Monday, is that a problem?" I said, "No, Monday will be fine," and then just stood their shaking my head, grinning like an idiot.

You know, at this point in my spiritual life, I should have known that God already had something working. Yet here I am, still quick to despair, still ready to get frustrated and angry at my circumstances. I'm really hoping that at some point I can get better at this whole faith thing.

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Oberon said... are a good person.

Brandon W said...

hey bud...glad to hear this news. it doesn't take long for things to happen these days does it? let's hook up soon.