Monday, October 02, 2006

Pot-holed Parables: The Door

If anyone recalls the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon series, they remember the bit called "Fractured Fairy-Tales". This is sorta like that...

To what shall I compare the previous generation? It is like a man who all his life lives trapped in a building with no doors or windows. One day he happens across a door, and his heart rejoices. He leaps and dances for sheer joy of finding the door, and he shouts for all to come and see.

Eventually a crowd grew around the door and the people would talk for hours about how wonderful the door is, and how their lives had changed now that they found the door. People wrote songs, essays, and books about the door, and regularly they would hear people teach about the door.

And then one day a new man appeared whom no one had seen before. Everyone motioned him over to admire the door. He smiled and agreed that it was indeed fabulous to find a door after so long. And then the man did something that no one had done before. He opened the door, and walked through.

A great cry arose from the crowd of people. They decried the actions of this new man; they claimed he had spoiled the door. But none of them followed the new man through the door.

He who has ears to hear, hear.

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